Monday, September 29, 2008

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

ethan Jaffa Look-alike Meter

This look-alike Meter is broken.... I entered Matt's brother doug into the meter too and it said that he looks equally like the two of us..When he should look more like Matt since we arn't even related...

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ben Jaffa Look-alike Meter

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Cameron Jaffa Look-alike Meter

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One of mother's worse nightmares

So I was getting my kids ready for the day and realized I only had one of Ethan's shoes and I figured he must of kicked one off in the car yesterday so I went outside to look for the missing shoe. As I returned to the house with the shoe, I was horrified to find out that Benjamin has locked me out of the house. I soon got fustrated and out-of-control as I Ben kept saying he couldn't unlock the door and he wanted me to do it. I kept trying to explain that mom didn't have the keys and HE HAD TO OPEN THE DOOR!!! I kept yelling comands through the window, telling them to let me in. After many attempts of a locked top lock with an unlocked bottom lock and Vice verca. I even opened the garage trying to get in, but the door was lock there too. My next thought was to break the front window to get in, or call matt to come home. Just then my neighbor arrived home, I ran to her asking her to help me keep control and explain to Ben how to let me in the house because I was locked out. Thank goodness for her, She stayed calm and objective and came up with the idea that Ben could just unlock the back sliding glass door better. So sure enough, after being locked out almost 20 min, with 3 kids locked in (all of them crying) I was in the house and relieved!

Monday, September 22, 2008

One of those days turned GREAT!

Somedays as a Mom of Three kids, ages 3 and under, I feel like pulling my hair out (Or their hair). And today started out like that, Cameron woke me up at 5:30 for a feeding and decided to stay wake for a while I finally got him to sleep about 6:15 and as I set him down so I can try to go back to sleep; I heard Ethan wake up and start crying, which woke up Ben since they share a room. Both boys were cranky all morning, crying and fighting over everything. Then we planned to go to the Zoo and getting ready went slower and seemed more fustrating to accomplish. Then the zoo got canceled because of bad weather, Which was kinda hard to console your kids once they are excited. I'm not sure if the fustration was just my mood since I didn't get to go back to sleep or if the boys were also cranky because they were up slightly earlier than normal. Anyways things didn't turn out like I would have liked this morning and the kids were getting into all kinds of mischeif while I was holding and nursing Cameron. Ethan started crying tons and refused to be happy unless I held him. Which lead to Ethan falling asleep in one arm while Cameron nursed and fell asleep on the other arm.
Don't ask me how I got this picture I'm not sure I could explain the manovering I had to do inorder to set down Cameron, grab the camera and take a picture without waking up Ethan. Anyways after nap time, we were all happier and I had one of those overwhelming moments of gratitude and love for my children! I was touched and my eyes started to water. I was able to get another picture that just melt my heart as both Ben and Ethan climbed on to the couch to kiss their brother.
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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

First Day of Preschool

We are really excited, today is Ben's first day of preschool.
We started a little mommy-taught preschool group, where we switch homes and who teaches.
It will be a mix of joyschool values taught and alphabets, colors and numbers.
This preschool group will be really good for Ben to have a chance to socialize!
I also hope he will learn to be for well rounded and not so upsest with ABC's
(not that there is anything wrong with ABC"S)
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Friday, September 12, 2008

Potty Time

So we have started potty training Ben. We started monday afternoon and have had nothing but Wet diapers. (Jill sounds like our kids are in the exact same boat). We had one successfull poop yesterday and a very successful day today. This morning Ben pee-ed in the potty and then had an accident while all his friends were here and then since 2:00 this afternoon he went three times with no accidents yet... It is 9:00 at night so 7 hours without an accident... who knows how long it will last. But we are so proud of his progress!!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Ben is 3!!!

Any parent that has made the same mistake we did understand the concept that young children don't understand the words "later", "not now", "next week" and "soon". We told Ben about 3 weeks before his birthday, that his birthday was coming and every day he thought it was his birthday, then we would try to explain using those few words above... but it finally came.
Those that know Ben know all about his ALPHABET obsession so we had a ABC Birthday for him! Starting with his cake, we put "Happy Birthday" letters on and then I let the boys go crazy and cover the rest of the cake with ABC's! He loved it!!!
Then of course his presents we all ABC related or Clothes!

State Fair

I don't have pictures of The state fair but...
We did go and had a lot of fun!!!
For evidence or if you just want to see the pictures my sister's girl's came without my sister but with my sister's camera
so we actually got pictures of the event and she posted them on her blog.
So check them out at

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Ben can write his letters

So the story goes like this...

I was nursing Cameron downstairs with Ben playing near by in the room (Ethan was asleep). Ben had gone upstairs and I yelled after him saying that he needed to come here where I can see him. So he obeyed and sat at the top of the stairs right in my vision. He was playing with something and singing but I couldn't tell exactly what he was doing up there. I figured he was playing with ABC's since he was singing the ABC Song.
And in a way I was correct...

Ben had practiced his E's and F's on the fridge

and his T's on the door and his name on the floor.

At first I was so fuming mad, I put him in timeout and I started to clean it up. Until I realized that this was one of those moments that I should capture and cherish . . . Ben loves writing letters and he's not even 3 yet. I should be proud of his "ART". So I pulled him out of time out and explained Where it was ok to color and where it is not ok, Then I made him clean it up.
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