Thursday, April 19, 2007

13 Lbs

Ethan is Growing too fast. As you can see in the picture his little outfit (0-3) no longer fits and he's into the next size (3-6). At his 2 month appointment he weighed 13lbs. I am amazed and a little sad, My little baby didn't stay little for very long. Ethan is such a good eater; Ben never was and isn't a very good eater, so I am caught a little off guard by Ethan's appatite.

Who is really..All tuckered Out?

So tons of little things has happen since my last post. We have been doing all kinds of fun things with Benjamin and his little playdate group. We have gone on stroller rides, played at the park, we did a picnic, went to a friends house in Eagle mountain, went to Jungle Gyms, to cuddle time at the library, Cabellos camping store, DinoLand in the Mall and just played almost everyday. He had tons of Fun but I think we "Tuckered" him out.

Sadly he's not the only one tuckered out. . . He has completely tired me out too. Ben has just entered his TERRIBLE TWO"S. He's such a little mischief... For example...
This Morning I accidently fell asleep nursing Ethan on the bed, Ben was completely trapped in the room with me during this time period. Suddenly I was wakened by Ben climbing on the bed and handing me 6B tile from our acquire game. At first I thought to my self,what could he have done in 20 min time, he must have just dumped the box. I sat up and looked around the room and there was a lake of things covering the whole floor. He had dumped our aquire game (with playmoney, 108 tiles, 150 stock cards and 6 company peices), Ticket to Ride (45 trains of 5 colors, 86 color cards, and tons of destination cards) and a whole drawer of Stamps. My first reaction was to scream- which luckly I didn't do. I just started sorting and counting making sure all the pieces were in my favorite games. Ben didn't make it easy either, he kept trying to play with the pieces and dump the box agian. so I locked him in his room while I started scavengering for the pieces, they were under the bed, behind the bed, behind the nightstand, in the laundry basket, in my scrapbooking drawers ect... Good news I did find every piece and found it something to laugh about as I told Matt and my sister about it.