Monday, October 03, 2011

Jenaka Kay Jaffa

Jenaka Kay Jaffa

8 lbs 1 oz

20.5 inches long

So here is is the scoop...

The Lord has really looked out for us. What I thought was my water breaking, late one night, was really Blood... After calling my midwife we rushed to the hospital for an emergancy C-section. If we didn't hurry in like we did there was a risk that both of us could have bleed to death. They said my placenta was breaking away. After a few tests and a preisthood blessing, skilled doctors got baby out quickly and We are fine and doing well!!!

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Friday, August 05, 2011

First Day of Kindergarten

I can't even believe that my baby Ben is old enough to go to kindergarten!

He was so excited and acting so responsible for 2 weeks before school he woke up to his alarm every morning at 7:00! (practice getting up)

The Scariest part for me was the Bus. Sending him was really hard to do, I even followed the bus there. Then on his way home I thought school got out at 11:30 but it got out at 11:18 so The buses were already gone. So I couldn't follow the bus home. So I sat and waited at his stop...And waited and waited..By 5 min late I was a little worried, by 10 min I was pacing, by 15 min late I was calling the bus transportation and the school, by 20 min late I was in tears and worried to death (and bugged the pick up bus for afternoon kindergarten), by 25 min late I was on the phone with the school and transportation again, when the bus arrived with Ben on it. There is a rule that the kindergarteners are not allowed off the bus without a parent there at the stop and a kid about 4-5 stops before had to wait 15 min and still no parent. So that explained it. Plus it was the first day and they say they are normally a little slow as the kids, parents and bus drivers figure out the schedule.

Monday, July 11, 2011

What we have been up to since christmas...

So I am a horrible blogger but I want to be better so I am going to catch you all up to what we have done since Christmas...

Ethan had a Birthday and is 4 years old!

We had Easter, which is always alot of fun to collect eggs and start enjoying the spring weather.

I started teaching preschool for my 2 boys, Ben and Ethan and a little girl from their last preschool, Sydney and her big brother Ethan.

Doug and lizzy Graduated in April and had lots of time to go and play with us. We went to the Zoo and to the planetarium.

(a Trip to the moon)

We had mother's day and my Birthday!

And we found out we are Pregnant with a BABY GIRL!!! Due Obtober 1st!

Than we finished Preschool and had a cute but windy gradutation!!! Their hats kept blowing off and it made Ethan Sad.

Then we had a few weeks of rain then summer was really started... and we tried to go somewhere or do something out side everyday, either at a park, splash park, or just in the back yard!

We went to Zions National Park for the Earl family Reunion! Which was a huge blast! This was our big group even though we were missing a bunch of Earl family members!

There was alot of fun times which included a few hikes, game playing, Swimming, a playground, and lot of other fun times with family!

Then 4th of July weekend we had Matt's sister Kim in town and all their montana cousins, Michael, James, Tyler, Ashley and William! They had so much fun playing with them and going to the swimming pool!

And then we had a BBQ and Fireworks with everyone it was a really fun weekend!!!

Then to top off the Summer we had my mom's 50th Birthday party, Daniel's, Jarad's and braxton's Birthday Parties!

By that time summer ends and Ben will start kindergarten Aug. 3rd!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Open again

So I decided that I do want people to see my blog more easier than just waiting for my permission. So it is back in commission and hopefully I will update it more often then I have been... Soon I wil update everyone on our latest.....

Friday, January 14, 2011

Presents from Santa

Christmas is so much more fun with young kids, getting just what they wanted from Santa!!!