Friday, July 30, 2010

Summer 2010

Sorry for all those that follow my blog..
I have a list of Excuses but I know you mostly want to just hear what we have been up to...
Earl Family Reunion; My Dad has started up his own Earl family Reunion with my siblings and their families. We went up to midway and stayed at a cabin. It was a ton of fun, My parents did a really good job of adapting the activities to everyone of every age.

We had a summer full of parades and family parties!
We went to the coal mine and had some really fun playdates every friday!
and atleast once a week we went to the splash park and 3-6 times a month we'd go to the beach
We also went to the Farm and did alot of outdoor activities!
We also had a lot of family come in town from time to time. Kim's family from montana came down for the 24th marathon and a murder mytery dinner. Maureen came in town for her boys' soccar camp and we got together as a family!