Thursday, July 31, 2008

Our Road Trip to NAUVOO

Our Trip to Nauvoo started with a 5 day rest and drive session. We drove about 500 miles sat. Then we rested Sunday and went to church with my cousin Jimmy. Monday, we went to the Denver children's museum and drove another 500 miles to Omaha. The boys loved the Musuem, it had a fire truck, a shopping area, a mini basket ball area, a tree house and wild animal exhibit, an art area and Ben's favorite an ABC wall!!!

Then Tuesday, we saw Omaha "Winter Quarters" and traveled 200 miles to Independence.
Then in Independence we saw Liberty Jail and headed to Nauvoo.
In Nauvoo we met up with the Whole EARL Clan. And had three days of Nauvoo shows and entertainment! They Boys loved the fact that they got to wake up everyday and see their Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles and cousins!

As Fun as the trip was it wasn't always a fun and easy thing to drive cross country to two toddlers and a 8 month pregnant wife! Plus by the end the boys had just had enough Adventure.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The Month of June

I feel bad that I am on a month to month basis of undateing this blog...My excuse this time is I have a anit-virus Virus on my computer that has made it impossible to update I am currently on my sister's computer... We bought the boys these fun tents to play with....
And we've spent many of hours riding our bikes up and down the street...

Grandma Jaffa also banked at a yard sale and got the kids some new toys for her house and this fun Jeep...which Ben can actually drive (but can't stop)
And the last big event in June is that Uncle Doug came home from his mission to Germany. We are so glad he is home and had a good mission.