Friday, August 28, 2009


We had so much fun in LEGOLAND it is definately age appropiate to my kids!!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

First part of Aug

I have been meaning to write about these events as they happened
but more and more events kept happening... and keeping me busy.
So before out next event happens next week (LEGOLAND)
I thought I should catch up.

We gave the boys hair cuts at cookie cutters.
We normally wouldn't spend so much
but we had coupons that made it just as cheap as
Great Clips closest to our house.
Then Sunday during church, right after the sacrament, Ben slipped on some goldfish cracker crumbs and bit through his lip. There was a lot of blood and it required 3 stitches. As a Mom I totally thought I could handle watching him get stitches, until I got light headed...and had to sit down. It healed quickly and you can't even see a scar any more.
Then we Celebrated Celeste's Birthday, it was a fun little party.

Then we made Banana Bread...
It started with just me then it became a whole big ordeal,
once they saw me put on my apron..
They wanted theirs on too!!!

Then we had Doug's and Lizzies Wedding at the Draper Temple.
It was a perfect day (besides some rain)
The Ceremony was wonderful, the reception gorgeous,
and the time with family just heaven sent!!!

Then Just last night we celebrated Camerons and Brian's Birthdays! Cameron just turned 1 and Brian turned 24! It was a special combined party.