Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Dinosaur Museum

We went to the Dinosaur Museum at thanksgiving point
for our thanksgiving fieldtrip for Preschool.
It was alot of fun!
Ben was impressed with the fact that a dinosaurs foot was bigger than him.

I was surprised with the boy's facination with the dino bones.

Plus this museum had a lot of hands on activities like this wooden dino puzzle,
kids dino costumes, plastic toy dinos, computers with games and puzzles,
a huge build a dino, dino rubbings, a water sand area, a huge sand dig and much much more.

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Thursday, October 29, 2009


We got to go with Grandma and Grandpa Jaffa this year for a trunk or treat.
It was cold but the kids were CUTE!!!
This year with the exception of Cameron I let the boys pick their own customes.
Ben wanted to be a Witch and I convinced him to be a "BOY WITCH" and we dressed him like harry potter. But he had to have the classic Witch hat!!
Ethan wanted to be a pirate, which I think was partly inspired by Kaleb's Pirate birthday party.
And Poor Cameron ended up with a handie-down custom of Yoda.

Pushkin Pumpkins

Pirate Birthday Party

Mindi and les know how to through the best parties!
In the past we've had customes parties for Kaleb's Birthday. This year instead of coming dressed up they dressed you once you got here. They had all of these fun activites where the kids could earn different parts of a Pirate custome.

They really did have alot of clever games and activites for us to play.

And the kids were so cute all dressed up.
My favorite was the obstacle course they had set up for the kids. With a pirate ship, walking the plank, ect..

Like always their decorations were alborate and really awesome, they drew pirate things on their family photos on the wall with dry erase markers, they had a pirate flag, treasure chests, lights, and spider webs, ect..
They really know how to throw a Party.

ScareCrow Festival

Grandma and Grandpa Jaffa took us to the SCARECROW FESTIVAL
We really had a fun time!

They had a ton of little carnival type games for the kids.
I was pleasantly surprised to see the talent my kids had at throwing balls and bean bags, especially Ethan he is my little athlete.

They also had the funnest blown up slides and things
for the kids to climb in and jump on.

It was alot of fun for everyone.
Even though alot of the activities were centered around little kids,
Doug and lizzie that came too had a lot of fun.

The kids were so spoiled by Grandma Jaffa,
They got kettle corn, cotton candy, Toys from a fishing pond,
they got to pick out popcorn, eat a nice lunch and
they even bought Ethan his halloween costume.
The biggest highlight for me was all of Cameron's Firsts, horsey ride, Cotton candy, wagon ride, blow up slide, ect...

Friday, October 02, 2009


So I have been kinda busy trying to FINALLY get my house decorated. We've lived here for almost 2 years and I finally got Curtains for my kitchen done. These curtains were probably one of the biggest projects I have or will ever do with my CRICUT.
I am so proud of them. They turned out so good! Better than I even imagined.

I also got these other cute kitchen decorations. They only thing I need now to complete my kitchen is a little kitchen carpet for my sink.

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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Ben Birthday

Ben's Birthday was no day at the Beach..Wait!...yes it was...

For Ben's Birthday he really wanted the
cake with Dora Deigo and boots.
He loves DORA!

I also made DORA, DIEGO and JAGUAR Cupcakes for his kid party

We gave Ben an ELMO potty book to help promote more potty time activities. For turning 4 he is so ALMOST there of being completely potty trained.

He had a really fun party with lots of family near by.

Ben Also got there really cute woody and Buzz Pj's and of course he shared with ETHAN!
Arn't they just so cute!

There are moments when I still don't believe how big my baby is... Ben was my first baby and it is weird to think he is now 4 years old.

This pic has an interesting story. So I was up in the middle of the night for the last couple nights before this photo and i decided that I would nap while the baby was napping. I put Ben and Ethan in the front room with the tv on and some activites and next I know it I was wakened up with the noise of my kids playing happily from the other room and I realized it was actually Cameron's room I could hear the noise in and I opened the door to see this... ALL 3 boys in the crib playing happily!!! Some how Ben and Ethan climbed in!!
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Friday, August 28, 2009


We had so much fun in LEGOLAND it is definately age appropiate to my kids!!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

First part of Aug

I have been meaning to write about these events as they happened
but more and more events kept happening... and keeping me busy.
So before out next event happens next week (LEGOLAND)
I thought I should catch up.

We gave the boys hair cuts at cookie cutters.
We normally wouldn't spend so much
but we had coupons that made it just as cheap as
Great Clips closest to our house.
Then Sunday during church, right after the sacrament, Ben slipped on some goldfish cracker crumbs and bit through his lip. There was a lot of blood and it required 3 stitches. As a Mom I totally thought I could handle watching him get stitches, until I got light headed...and had to sit down. It healed quickly and you can't even see a scar any more.
Then we Celebrated Celeste's Birthday, it was a fun little party.

Then we made Banana Bread...
It started with just me then it became a whole big ordeal,
once they saw me put on my apron..
They wanted theirs on too!!!

Then we had Doug's and Lizzies Wedding at the Draper Temple.
It was a perfect day (besides some rain)
The Ceremony was wonderful, the reception gorgeous,
and the time with family just heaven sent!!!

Then Just last night we celebrated Camerons and Brian's Birthdays! Cameron just turned 1 and Brian turned 24! It was a special combined party.