Monday, July 17, 2006

Sorry No Pictures

Ok I will admit that it's been a while. My explination is this.... I lost the Camera
all the cute pictures and now I am missing new pictures to take. So Sorry I will update this soon I will either find that darn camera or just buy a new one. In the meanwhile here is the scoop on us...

We are Pregnant Due Feb. 15th! Sorry we announced it so weird at the time that test is all we knew so we wanted to make sure from a doc before we offically announced.

Also Benjamin is close to walking, he stands to furnature and manovers very quickly! Soon he'll be too quick for me!!

Last but not least the corolla is dead as Caleb claimed, it remains in front of our house until the kidney foundation cames to take it a way. And we got a new car, A 2006 Chevy Aveo, it's Dark Grey and I love it..For two Reasons... It's new and it's not falling apart like the corolla was.

Thats all from us and I promise you'll have and more and pictures soon!