Monday, June 22, 2009

Bear Lake, camping and our little HERO!

We just spent last week at Bear Lake! It was alot of fun!

They had mini-golf, 2 swimming pools, the beach and a wonderful playground, where we spent most of our time.

Then on colder days we went to a pioneer museum,
and did some arts and crafts in the craft hut!

Then on Thursday night we had the pleasure of going out to dinner at Bear Lake Pizza,
where the kids got to ride some little quater rides.
Afterwards we got the pleasure of watching a play at the PickleVille playhouse,
Called "Annie get your gun". It was probably the highlight of my week.

On the first time, we went swimming Ben made himself a HERO!!
Little William about 2 years old had fallen into the pool, While non of the adults were watching and Ben was good enough to YELL.... "MOM, He fell in"
We were very lucky that he saw him and yelled, we have no idea really how long he was in there but we assumed not too long because he was still toward the surface and was kicking and flaring his arms. Matt ran in and grabbed him out.

The ending of that crazy fun week was our ward camping trip! It was the first time they ever slept in a tent and sleeping bags! It rained over night and in the morning which made it kinda miserable but the boys didn't even seem fazed, They had a blast!

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Monday, June 08, 2009

2 weeks....phew.....

We've had the weirdest 2 weeks. It started with Ben having a stomic bug and strep throat...

Then Matt ended up with hives and strep throat,
and then cameron had high fevers and strep too...

Meanwhile Ethan still remained happy and healthy... then once the weekend hit, Ethan and I finally started showing symtoms of fevers and strep also. By monday Ethan than moved from strep to joining Ben with a second batch of the stomic bug.

By Tuesday the kids woke up wanting to play and be normal. They tried so hard to have a normal day but by afternoon all the kids had crashed for long 3 hour naps..Yeah for me!!!

Then by Friday, we went to Kearn High School Graduation, to see my brother Daniel graduate from highschool! (Congrates)

It was a crazy 2 weeks and just this weekend Cameron surprised me..He learned to Crawl so now he is everywhere and into everything.

He is becoming such a big boy... Hates everything baby and loves everything big boy..Especially BIG COOKIES!!!