Friday, August 05, 2011

First Day of Kindergarten

I can't even believe that my baby Ben is old enough to go to kindergarten!

He was so excited and acting so responsible for 2 weeks before school he woke up to his alarm every morning at 7:00! (practice getting up)

The Scariest part for me was the Bus. Sending him was really hard to do, I even followed the bus there. Then on his way home I thought school got out at 11:30 but it got out at 11:18 so The buses were already gone. So I couldn't follow the bus home. So I sat and waited at his stop...And waited and waited..By 5 min late I was a little worried, by 10 min I was pacing, by 15 min late I was calling the bus transportation and the school, by 20 min late I was in tears and worried to death (and bugged the pick up bus for afternoon kindergarten), by 25 min late I was on the phone with the school and transportation again, when the bus arrived with Ben on it. There is a rule that the kindergarteners are not allowed off the bus without a parent there at the stop and a kid about 4-5 stops before had to wait 15 min and still no parent. So that explained it. Plus it was the first day and they say they are normally a little slow as the kids, parents and bus drivers figure out the schedule.