Monday, December 11, 2006

Santa Clause is coming to Town

Our ward had Breakfast for Santa. It was alot of fun and they had a lot of good food. It was kinda embarrassing cuz they asked me to lead the singing of some songs in order to "encourage" Santa to come out. So I lead them to sing "Here comes Santa Clause" and "Jingle Bells". Sadly this Year Ben is old enough to realize what is going on and with in seconds of being placed on Santa's lap he freaked out and wanted to get off. So This was as good as the picture could get.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Lights at Temple Square

Saturday Night Matt and I decided we wanted to Go Downtown and look at the lights at temple square. We decided to take tracks which seemed to be a fun adventure for Benjamin. He enjoyed mostly seeing his own reflection in the window of tracks.

For Dinner we ate at the Lion House Pantry where I used to work years ago. It was kinda fun to see my boss again after so many years. The Food there always seems so good. After dinner we took a brisk walk and saw temple square lights in like 10 min top. Considering the temperture... 24degrees out side. We were all cold but it was worth it.

Arms Full of Grandchildren

For Thanksgiving, Kim and Jarad and their little family come to Salt Lake from Montana. Grandma Jaffa literally had her arms Full of Grandchildren. It was lot of fun to see the kids, it's amazing how fast they grow up.
I think that one of the most things I am most thankfull for this Thanksgiving is family!! It's great to have so many people who love you and support you. I am so Thankful also that I have so many great examples in my family of Rightous, hard working, loving people.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Autumn Leaves

Ben is really funny when it comes to leaves...When he first would come upon leaves on the side walk, he would carefully step over or go around them. It was hilarious to see him trying not to step on leaves especailly when we arrived at yards where there was leaves all over..... Now over time I have worked with him and showed him how we stomp on the leaves and throw them and play with them instead of avoid them...Now when we play out side he loves to pick up the leaves and crumble them in his hands. He no longer tries not to step on them and he loves to hear their sound when they crumble!!!

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Happy Halloween

We had such a fun Halloween with Matt and Ben matching as Buzz Light year!! They were the hit of the evening!!! I was a Pea Pod..with my little "pea" in my tummy. It was really fun to dress up and actually have ben walking around trick-or-treating!!!

As Promised a Picture of "Daddy Buzz"

I told a few people that Matt was being buzz too and they wouldn't believe me that he would actually dress up in a buzz costume so enjoy the veiw...Matt said it will never happen again!!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

It's a BOY!!!!

Tuesday we had "The UltraSound"
and we've got a healthy little boy growing in there.
I noticed that it was a boy before the tech told me..
You can really tell!!!
There is no Question that Ben is going to have a
baby Brother!!!
We are thinking of the name Ethan Brent Jaffa...But we'll see!!!

Buzz LightYear to the Rescue

Ben's little Friend Kaleb turned one this week and they had a halloween/Birthday party! Keleb is the Lion and Ben was Buzz LightYear. The parents dress up too!!! Matt was Buzz too and I was a Pea Pod!!! (Matt said I am not allowed to show his picture) But it was really fun and Ben was a really cute BUZZ!!

Thursday, September 28, 2006

I can brush my teeth

We've been Brushing Ben's teeth
for a while now
and he's finally decided
he can do it his self.
He actually does a really
good job getting everywhere!!!

Monday, September 25, 2006


This last week has been really interesting with ben coming down with Roseola, It is simular to chicken pox except that it comes from a virus, and doesn't blister. He had fevers in the range of 102.1-103.7 for about 48 hours then the spots showed up. once the spots emerged he was back to being happy and playful... Because it' contaguos we were quarentined to our house for the weekend and until the last spot disapears. Adults can get it too but it shows it's self as a virus infection, with no spots.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Happy 1st Birthday Ben!!!!

I can't Believe Ben is already 1 yr old. He had a little kid party with the kids his age in the neighborhood during the day and got all these wonderful toys! It was a blast, Holly and Elizabeth came and it was fun to watch the kids play!

Then at night was had a Party with Matt's Family and Joe and Caleb. Here is Ben blowing out the candle on his Woody Cake... At first he tried to Grab the candle and finally Daddy helped blow it out for him!!! He loved his Birthday but his very most favorite thing was...... his Animal Train from Grandma Jaffa, Once he opened it he wouldn't even look at another present or Toy

Watch me Walk!!!

Ben has been walking with this walker for the last 2 days and last night on his Birthday Ben walked 5 steps without it from My Arms to Matt's!!! It could be anytime before he walks all by him self!!!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Sanfransico Vacation

Day 1:Trolley to Fisherman's Warf
we arrived in San Fransico Sunday night so technically Sunday was the first day but all we did was check into the hotel and chill. Then Monday Matt Had Confrences to go to for the WWDC. (World Wide Developer Confrence) So Ben and I swam in the hotel pool. When Matt came home we took a trolley and visited Fisherman's warf. Ben thought the ride there was fun sadly he missed the ride back because he was sleep.

At Fisherman's warf they have alot of fun things to do there. They have street entertainers, Shops, resturants, this merry-go-round, boats and ferry rides, and Ben's favorite the Sea Lions. We were imitating the sound of sea lions and ben tried really hard to make his own sound that sounded close enough that we would tell he was imitating them. We ate dinner at the In and Out Burger, saw the sights and headed back to the hotel. Poor Benjamin was so tuckered out and fell sleep while in line for the trolley.

Day 2:Union Square Park and Pizza
So thanks to Caleb he convinced Matt to let me wander durning the day while he was in confrences. So Tuesday, Ben and I went to Union park square. Sadly Matt had the camera so I had him take this picture later in the week. Ben had alot of Fun watching the Pigeons eat. Those birds arn't afraid of anyone. They went right up to ben in his stroller. Then we went to the disney store and back to the hotel to swim. Later that evening Matt and wandered and found a really good Pizza and pasta place we ate Pizza and spegetti.

Day 3: China Town
Today was just like the day before in the day activities... Went to the park again and the Disney store the only thing we added was Old Navy and Ross. Then that night we toured China town... we couldn't help our selves buying Ben a little China outfit. It was so Cute! Dinner was good too. Surprisingly enough Ben loved Chinese food, granted we ordered sweet and sour Chicken and Ham Fried Rice and a fruit dish, but it was good!!!

Day 4: SanFransico ZOO
Matt decided to ditch the rest of his confrences for this day and go to the zoo with us!!! It was Fun for the most part except that Ben was tired, it was his nap time and we really didn't let him nap. He seemed to like the Giraffe, the gorilla, and the penguins. But other than those few animals he barely seemed to notice them. For example in the zebra picture we got his picture looking at the camera because he simple refused to look at the zebras.
Well the rest of the zoo was fun. They had a Bird Feeding area where people were in the cage feeding birds. They also had a family zoo area where you can actually touch and pet the farm animals. They also Had a Little Choo train Ride to go on. After the zoo we went to a hotel in coupertino (I hope I spelled that right) so Matt could attend the apple Campus Bash. The Next morning we drove our 14 hour trip home.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

4th of July

I know this event has long gone past but I just got these pictures from Matt's Dad Brent. Of the 4th of july weekend when we went to Bear River lodge in Wyoming. We went ATV-ing and hung out! I was alot of Fun!!!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Days of 47 Parade

The Days of 47 Parade was Benjamin's first parade ever.

I went with my sister,Rachael and her baby Charity,my Brothers, chris and Daniel and Daniel's friend Jake. Benjamin loved the Police motorcycles, The horses and one float had Bubbles!!!

He also loved it when the Jazz Bear and Ronald Mcdonald plastered us and everthing on the side walk with Confetti!!!

The only thing not fun was the blistering heat. Luckly we had fans with the attached spray bottles and plenty of water.

First Hair cut!!!

Surprise, we found our camera! If you want a funny story of where we found it, call us. (It could take a little while to explain.) Anyways Ben got his First Hair Cut! His hair was growing into his eyes, over his ears and curling in the back. Here is the before and after looks...

If you havn't noticed in the second picture his eyes are kinda red from crying the whole hair cut long. The place we went; Cookie Cutters, were really good they had cars and planes for the kids to sit in and they got to watch a movies while they got it done but sadly Ben still didn't like it.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Sorry No Pictures

Ok I will admit that it's been a while. My explination is this.... I lost the Camera
all the cute pictures and now I am missing new pictures to take. So Sorry I will update this soon I will either find that darn camera or just buy a new one. In the meanwhile here is the scoop on us...

We are Pregnant Due Feb. 15th! Sorry we announced it so weird at the time that test is all we knew so we wanted to make sure from a doc before we offically announced.

Also Benjamin is close to walking, he stands to furnature and manovers very quickly! Soon he'll be too quick for me!!

Last but not least the corolla is dead as Caleb claimed, it remains in front of our house until the kidney foundation cames to take it a way. And we got a new car, A 2006 Chevy Aveo, it's Dark Grey and I love it..For two Reasons... It's new and it's not falling apart like the corolla was.

Thats all from us and I promise you'll have and more and pictures soon!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Monday, June 12, 2006

Fun in the Sun

It was so Much fun this Summer so Far!!
We Got Benjamin these cool Shades! For $1.00 at Maceys
We had Daniel and his Friend spend the night and swim with us!

And we've had a lot of chances to swim in our little pool

plus with some of Ben's friends from the neighborhood!!!


Benjamin went and watched his Uncle Chris Graduate from High school. It was alot of fun the best part for him was wearing of the hat!!!

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Happy Birthday Mommy!!

It was a birthday this last weekend. It was fun, but I think it was funnier for Benjamin to play with the Wrapping paper, Balloons and trying to grap the candles!!!

Happy Mother's Day late!!!

I know it's late but I just got busy and forgot to post more pictures. This one is Mother's Day with Ben infront of my new Flower Garden Matt and Ben gave me. It was a challenge to get Benjamin not to try to attach my flowers or play in and eat the dirt.

I love Golden Corral

Ben sent off his Uncle Doug on his mission to Hamburg Germany. They treated us to Golden Corral for lunch before the MTC! Ben had fun he ate some strawberries, jello and mashed potatos! His First meal of table foods!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Teddy Bear Picnic

We had a picnic in our backyard (square patch of grass) the other day! It was alot of Fun. I fed him His baby food and I ate a sandwich and grapes. The funnest part was when he was playing with the plate with my food on it... ( sorry no pictures of that)

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Close to Crawling

It is always fun to see the all the milestones babies go through.
Ben is now working on Crawling. He can get onto his knees and even move his feet and hands but he doesn't quite move forward yet.
We are excited to see him crawl; but as every parent says
"once they're mobile, they are 10 times more work."

Monday, April 17, 2006


Ben wants to wish everyone a very
Happy Easter!
This picture was taken Easter morning,
in his new Easter outfit,
as he was recieving his basket
from the Easter bunny.

A Day at the Park

We love to go to the park!
Ben and I try to go as often as weather permits.
It's a nice little stroller ride
Ben love the baby swing!
On good days he even loves to slide!

Friday, April 07, 2006

Just call me Moe!

When I gave Ben a Bath I spiked his hair into a little moe-hawk.
His hair is getting so long that it's almost time to trim his hair.
His hair is starting to grow over his ears.

Chuga Chuga Choo Choo

For Christmas we got Ben this little Train. You put the little Peek-a-boo blocks on the train and it lights up and spins the the inner of the block. Also when you push down the green smoke stack the train moves forward. Anyways, He's finally able to play with it, now that he can sit up all on his own.

Monday, April 03, 2006


We bought an exersuacer for Ben the other day. We played in another one at a neighbors house and he loved it so we got him one of his own. As you can tell he loves his own. The best part is that it is strengthening his legs and he is already walking with help. Mostly he wabbles but It's fun for us to walk him around the house.