Saturday, January 02, 2010

December Events

So I have decided that I am not a very good Blogger...
So here is all the events for the month...
First we went as a family to Temple Square.
One of my most treasured traditions is going to go and see the lights at temple square.

We also had an Earl Christmas Party with a nativity acted out by the kids and a pinata!

Then we got to meet Shanley!!!
Who Got proposed to by scott on Christmas Day.
He told us in a present that we got to open under the tree!
We are so happy for them, and the boys are excited for a new Aunt!!!

We also had a wonderful, even spiritual Christmas eve with Christmas jammies and a story from Grandma!!

Christmas was wonderful, we had my parents come and open presents first thing in the morning, than we housed hopped to the jaffas to talk with David who was calling from Norway on his mission. Then we hopped to the Earls for dinner and the rest of Christmas Day!

My favorite Christmas gift this year the whole family gets to benefit from...
My new Kitchen table . . .

And My Dad came and helped Matt build a storage room!!!
And It's HUGE!! I love it!! I hope eventually I can fill it!!!

The Last event for the month was a New Year Eve Wedding for my cousin Mellissa! I found it kinda odd to have their reception on a holiday (and it might have hurt their guest showings) But the purpose of it being remembered was suceeded. We are happy for you mellissa!!

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