Friday, May 15, 2009

Do you remember this Wallpaper?

Do you Remember this Wallpaper?

It is GONE!!!
I spent the last weekend removing and repainting my scrapbooking room!

And I also added some vinyl to my bedroom wall!!

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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

April Activities

Welcome good weather and summer clothes...
(for only a few days atleast).
So we played outside quit a bit, playing at the park, at neighbors houses and on our . . . . .
New Swing Set!!!

p.s. Thanks Matt and Dad for spending 8 hours putting it together!

Then we had a Birthday Party next door for Logan! It was a Animal themed party. They hired this guy that has the most unique pets. Snakes, Spiders, bugs, birds, rabbits, lizards ect.. he even has traditional pets like cats and dogs. Anyways he brings his most exotic animals and the kids can touch them and hold them and learn all about them. It was a whole lot of fun!!!

Then I guess the next highlight for April was Easter!!!

We decorated Eggs with Grandma Earl, they had an easter egg hunt in the backyard and
they loved the toys they got in their baskets.
They also got another egg hunt at grandma Jaffas!

After Easter we had a focus of weeding the yard. The previous owners put in some curbing all around the house and in the corner and last summer I didn't do anywork in it so this year it is a real chore. So the boys has been using their shovels and things to help me.

And with that I am also pulling out my old garden and putting in a new vegetable garden.

This is my largest carrot that grew last year!

Last year, I just had a baby, so I never pulled out any of my vegetables,

(mainly because i didn't think anything grew)

and surprise there was alot of carrots that survived!

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