Thursday, March 12, 2009

What we've been doing since I last blogged

So we've been doing quite a few things lately and staying really busy. . .
The first thing was a visit to the jaffas, where Grandma Jaffa gave Granpa Jaffa a Giant Teddy bear named Pookie bear. (which was bigger than all 3 boys)

The second thing was Ethan's surgery,

Ethan had to have a corrective circumcision. Which was an all day long process. I know the lord answers even the insignificate prayers because i was praying that this whole day would go smoothly and it went WAY BETTER than I thought. First thing was Ethan could not eat anything after midnight and then he couldn't drink anything after 10:15 and If any of you know Ethan this is a VERY hard task for him. And that morning He NEVER even asked for anything to eat or drink. Then the second thing was his surgery kept being push back almost 3 hours later than planned and Ethan was a REALLY good sport he never complained, he played toys and just enjoyed his one-on-one time from mommy. The third thing I was most worried about was my nursing baby that was BARELY on baby food was left with Matt for the day so I could be with Ethan. Which I really wanted Matt with me. But even that worked out because the surgery was delayed Matt was able to leave Ben and the baby with his parents to be there with me. And the last thing that Make me know God answers prayers is how the baby DIDN'T CRY ONCE. He ate food, played toys and took a nap without even a peep.

One of the things the boys benefitted most, out of the time with daddy, during Ethan's surgery was the two computer game daddy bought for the boys. Which the boys have played non-stop since. It is awesome to see both boys know their numbers, alphabets, and colors. I am also amazed at how well both boys have learned how to use the mouse and the keyboard. Ben can actually completely manuver and play what ever he wants on the computer from the sign in screen.

The last is this nice weather and horrible weather we've had... like a joke we have 3-4 days of really warm weather where we went out side and rode bikes and played and then we had days of Snow storms. Well today was good day and we put on HATS it was really fun to dress the boys all up and they really enjoyed wearing their hats.
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