Friday, December 19, 2008

Pre-Christmas events

I tried to get these events posted before Christmas
but the craziness took over faster than I thought.
Bills' girls night out. I wasn't sure what to title this party, since no one there at the party are bills; the host was a jaffa, her sister is a Gee, the other sister is a Wipple, another sister is a Istook and all their daughters have different last names too. But since the original sisters were Bills before they got married, it became the "Bills Girls" night out. This event is going to be a monthly event that I am totally looking forward already, because of how much fun the first get together was.
The next events were the same night, We dropped off the boys at the Jaffas so we could go to Matt's work party and they took the boys to their ward christmas party. Where they did a "Feliz Navidad" theme party with taco dinner and a pinata. And the boy's favorite Santa Clause!

Matt work party was really nice. They had buffet style dinner and dancing. Matt bought me this new dress (which I just love) for the event.
It was really alot of fun! Matt's co-workers seem to be a lot of fun!

Our ward did a Christmas in Nauvoo theme, It was really kinda fun and they had a great spiritual presentation at the end. (Sorry no pictures of that event0
The next event was a Joyschool nativity and Christmas party. We performed the nativity story, with props and costumes. It was really cute, (I am still trying to find out how to put video on my blog so if you know how teach me).
Then after that we made graham cracker gingerbread houses.

Then the last event was celebrating Matt's Birthday! We went out to eat with his family, then the next day we had dinner with my family. The boys helped decorate the cake. Matt had a really good bithday, after his two parties I also took him out to dinner and bowling on the WII. Ben and Ethan got to sleep over at the Earls! The next day we went to watch Twilight (my second time, Matt's first) which matt loved so much we saw it again last night.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Christmas Downtown

The Lights at Temple Square
has been a tradition for me as a child
and now I get to start that tradition with my children.

The Nativity was a big highlight!

Temple square was just wonderful!

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