Monday, June 09, 2008

This months Events

We've had a lot of things happen this last month... Starting with memorial day and my birthday!! we had my parents and family over for cake and ice cream and to play a few games!!!
Then we had Kims family come into town for David's mission farewell and MTC! David is going to Norway!!! My boys will really miss their Uncle David while he is gone!! But we are proud of him.
We Also had a lot of fun together as a family while Kim was in town.. I don't think my kids had any idea what to do with so many cousins!!!

Then we had a really fun playdate at the farm. The boys loved looking at the animals. Especailly the Ducks (which are very human freindly) who we fed bread. They also loved the wagon ride, sitting on the saddle, and playing in the tree house.