Friday, October 26, 2007

A Halloween Birthday Party

Ben's Friend Kaleb had a combined Birthday Halloween Party!
It was well organized and alot of FUN!!! Matt was a COMPUTER GEEK
I was WONDER RED (from Super Why)
Ben was ALPHA PIG (from Super Why)
Ethan was YODA

Monday, October 15, 2007

ALMOST WALKING (might as well be walking)

I can't even believe it!!! Ethan just turned 8 months and he is EVERYWHERE!!! He loved to hold onto the couch, toys, MY LEGS and he walks along everything. He is currently starting to hold on the wall and get pretty much anywhere he wants. The little stinker also has learned how to climb two of our stairs and is one of the fastest crawlers I know. My Baby is Growing too quickly...

Hikng in the woods

We had another Really fun playdate!!!
We went Hiking on this really cool trail up behind the new Draper Temple.
The kids loved it, They collected rocks, Pine cones and Acorns!
But I will have to admit that Ethan was getting REALLY Heavy in the backpack.