Sunday, January 21, 2007

Lost Camera Cord

Sadly lots has happened to us and few we have pictures for but I lost the camera cord... The latest on us is...

1- We had a great Christmas!! Ben Christmas was the best.. It's definitely more fun to see kids open presents!
2- We got Ben a New Room! It is Disney Cars, with a toddler bed, table and chairs, a toy chest and wall stickers. He loves it and adjusted fabulously to the new bed and not the crib anymore.
3- Matt and Ben caught the Rhoda Virus. It is a nasty virus that make everything come out on both ends. Ben had it so bad we had to take him to Primary Childrens to get Re-hydrated with an IV. (Now they are both heathly and happy)
4-Matt and I are getting prepared for the coming of Ethan. We had insurances change on the 1st so we needed a new doctor and a new hospital. We also got a little Bassinet for our room for Ethan to sleep in!
5- Last but not least Matt finally found a Wii, after a long, hard time searching! It's been fun!

Well that is all for us hopefully soon I find that camera cord, If not I will buy a new one to show you pictures of Ethan when he comes!