Monday, December 11, 2006

Santa Clause is coming to Town

Our ward had Breakfast for Santa. It was alot of fun and they had a lot of good food. It was kinda embarrassing cuz they asked me to lead the singing of some songs in order to "encourage" Santa to come out. So I lead them to sing "Here comes Santa Clause" and "Jingle Bells". Sadly this Year Ben is old enough to realize what is going on and with in seconds of being placed on Santa's lap he freaked out and wanted to get off. So This was as good as the picture could get.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Lights at Temple Square

Saturday Night Matt and I decided we wanted to Go Downtown and look at the lights at temple square. We decided to take tracks which seemed to be a fun adventure for Benjamin. He enjoyed mostly seeing his own reflection in the window of tracks.

For Dinner we ate at the Lion House Pantry where I used to work years ago. It was kinda fun to see my boss again after so many years. The Food there always seems so good. After dinner we took a brisk walk and saw temple square lights in like 10 min top. Considering the temperture... 24degrees out side. We were all cold but it was worth it.

Arms Full of Grandchildren

For Thanksgiving, Kim and Jarad and their little family come to Salt Lake from Montana. Grandma Jaffa literally had her arms Full of Grandchildren. It was lot of fun to see the kids, it's amazing how fast they grow up.
I think that one of the most things I am most thankfull for this Thanksgiving is family!! It's great to have so many people who love you and support you. I am so Thankful also that I have so many great examples in my family of Rightous, hard working, loving people.